Budget airline Scoot tempts Australians with $300 fares to Europe

Singaporean budget airline Scoot offers Australians the chance to fly to London for just $309 as part of its 10th-anniversary sale.

Price comparison website Finder found fares to London from just $309 from Perth and the Gold Coast and $349 from Sydney and Melbourne.

In Europe, Scoot offers cheaper fares from major Australian cities to Berlin and Athens.

Examples include Gold Coast to Berlin for $179 and Perth to Athens for $279.

Finder travel expert Stephanie Yip said the savings are unprecedented.

She found that fares from Australia to Europe are about $30 cheaper today than during Scoot’s last big promotion in April.

The low rates, which have disadvantages, are quickly sold out.

“While we won’t deny what an incredible sale this is for those on a tight budget and a light backpack, it does have its drawbacks, and if you’re willing to put a little more money into your travel fund, you could score something with a little more comfort [and] a faster flight,” Ms. Yip told news gear.

Scoot is one of the largest budget airlines in the region, alongside Jetstar and Air Asia. Photo: Getty

Budget airline Scoot tempts Australians with $300 fares to Europe

Long-haul flights on a budget

Budget airlines typically fly short trips between states or nearby countries.

That is what makes these low-cost flights from Australia to Europe so unique.

Scoot was founded in 2012 by Singapore Airways and took over its now-defunct competitor Tiger Airways a few years later. It competes with Jetstar and Air Asia and offers a no-nonsense experience.

Flying Scoot from Sydney to London, for example, typically includes 24 hours in the air plus stops in Singapore and Bangkok.

Scoot’s economy cabin is spartan compared to full-service airlines. Photo: Yusuke Kawasaki/CC BY

And, as with most low-cost airlines, checked baggage is an optional addition.

No in-flight entertainment is on board, and food and drinks are extra.

Scoot infamously does not allow passengers to bring their own food on board.

However, enforcement is another matter.

And this policy hasn’t stopped Scoot from getting his hands on a few gongs in its 10 years.

Rating agency Skytrax named Scoot the world’s best long-haul low-cost airline in 2021, with Jetstar in second place.

A screenshot of some deals advertised on Scoot’s website on June 3.

The competition

Most Australians traveling to Europe will continue to opt for full-service airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, Qatar, and Singapore Airways, all of which offer standard hot meals, entertainment, and checked baggage.

Flying with these airlines also includes a single stopover at a major hub airport.

Scoot’s discounted, three-flight trip from Australia to Europe evokes Qantas’ so-called Kangaroo Route of decades past.

At that time, planes did not have the range to fly non-stop and so had to make stopovers in several cities between Australia and Europe.

But times have changed.

Next year, Qantas will launch the world’s first non-stop flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Europe from the back of the existing Perth-London route.

It promises a world-class cabin experience, plenty of room to walk around and stretch out, and there’s no need to mingle at layover airports.

A screenshot of some of the deals available on June 3.

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