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Lego Botanical Collection is another one of those Lego sets. I’m not sure what the point is. There aren’t really any instructions, either. The Lego Botanical Collection project has been around the Idea stage for a while now. I’m glad it finally launched because it is a cool idea.

The product description does say that they want to create sets that are “fun, educational, and inspirational.” But the only way to tell whether or not they’re succeeding in doing that is to actually try building the sets.

If you’re like me and love building things, you’ll probably enjoy it too.

The set is fairly simple, but it’s still pretty pricey. At $99.99, it’s a little too steep for me. And honestly, it’s a bit of a letdown after the recent LEGO Ideas botanical set, which was much more impressive.

This idea has been floating around for a while now. But I never paid much attention to it until it became a reality.

I’m glad that I got to play with this set. It was fun to build, and the location is pretty well made. The only thing I would have done differently was to remove the bricks and swap them out for plastic ones.

Lego Botanical

The Story

There are several Lego ideas on the internet, but I thought this one stood out. It has a great concept and a lot of potential and is pretty easy to build. It is a bit pricey but it would make a great addition to any kid’s room.

It has a cool feature where it can talk to you via Bluetooth and play music. I won’t detail a couple of other parts because they are optional, and you can simply skip them.

The kit has all the necessary parts to build the Lego Botanical Collection.

I think this is a great idea that is very well executed, and it stands out from the crowd.

The Design

I bought Lego botanical collection first set, and I’m glad I did. It’s a great set to learn about plants, and I’m so happy it has a place in my collection.

However, I think it would have been better if Lego had chosen a different theme, such as animals.

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Lego Botanical

The Packaging

I’m excited about the Lego botanical collection because it’s the company’s first venture into the plant world. It’s also a great way to inspire young children and adults to learn more about nature.

I think Lego botanical collection will be a hit among fans of both botany and Lego. It has the potential to be the next big thing.

To be honest, I’m a little bit confused by this idea. It looks like the botanical collection was taken from the Lego Ninjago theme. The creator wanted to do a plant-based Ninjago collection, but the result was weird.

So I don’t know how much support this would receive. But since it was submitted to Lego Ideas, we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

The Challenges

The Lego Botanical Collection is a wonderful educational and inspirational art made entirely of LEGO bricks. The parts were designed by artist Peter Higgs and consist of over 1,000 individual pieces.

Each plant model is made of a combination of different parts and pieces. This includes a single flower, leaf, stem, roots, seed pod, etc. Some of the models are very detailed and look very realistic. The botanical collection was created to educate children about nature and teach them about plants.

There is no denying that Legos are great for building things. But it turns out that they’re also very useful for learning about plants and botany!

This set has many parts, perfect for teaching kids about plant anatomy.

They also have several shapes and colors, perfect for teaching kids about plant form and coloration.

Lego Botanical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do you think the Lego Botanical Collection won?

A: There are many reasons why the Lego Botanical Collection won. One is that the project was inspired by the book Botanical Illustrations by Hans Christian Andersen, one of my favorite children’s books. Another reason is that the Lego Botanical Collection would provide a new way of interacting with nature. A third reason is that the botanical illustrations are part of the history of botany, which is an important part of history.

Q: How does the Lego Botanical Collection fit in with Lego Architecture?

A: Lego Architecture has an architectural style that is based on nature. It is meant to capture some of the essence of nature, as well as the art and architecture of nature.

Q: Why did you start creating this collection?

A: I am a huge fan of Lego, and I was really happy when they created the Lego Botanical Collection. This collection is like no other Lego set out there. I think everyone should be able to enjoy it!

Q: What inspired you to design this new collection?

A: I am excited about designing a collection of plants because I enjoy building things and making my own designs. When I started to learn about botany, I learned about the beauty of these plants, how they grow, and the different species and species native to other countries. I thought it would be great to design a collection based on botany.

Q: What inspired the name of the collection?

A: I wanted to give it a cute, whimsical feel and use green and yellow colors. I love these colors because they make me happy!

Q: Why did you decide to create a botanical collection from Lego?

A: I created a botanical collection to combine my love of nature with my passion for Lego. My mother was an artist, and I always loved playing with her paint sets when I was little. I had always wondered what it would be like to be an artist as a kid. Now I’m able to put my childhood dreams into reality.

Q: What are some of the challenges you faced during development?

A: There were a lot of challenges during the development phase. I have never worked on a project where there were so many constraints. It took a lot of creativity, patience, and perseverance to overcome them. I had to use my imagination to figure out how to make everything work.

Myths About Lego Botanical

1. It has been designed by a professional designer.

2. There are no missing parts.

3. The design is unique.

4. There are only 6 species of Legos.


In conclusion, I like this collection, but the instructions aren’t that great. I’d suggest checking out other Lego Botanical Collections for ideas.

As you can see, Lego Botanical Collection has been on the market for a while. But they still have a lot of room to grow.

I think there are a few different reasons why. For one, it might be difficult to design a botanical set that will appeal to a mass market.

This one may be easier to build since a few pieces are pre-made, but the instructions are lacking.

There are many options if you’re looking for a Lego botanical garden.

You can look for one that’s already built, or you can design your own.

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